See more from your Logbook Data

ErgMonkey is a powerful platform that connects with Logbook to give your great access & information to your own data.
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More Benefits

Compare Workouts

Want to see how your 2k compares to last year? Every same workout can now be compared by Pace, Stroke Rate and Heart Rate on one page.
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Benchmark Performance

See your progress on key workouts over a period of time and compare them to you PBs.
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Monitor your HR Zones

Understand your training zones when using an HR monitor with the Concept2. All combined with your rowing data.
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And there's much more inside.

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    Import from Logbook | Basic Workout Summaries | Stats Report | Personal Best Report | Data viewable from last 365 days
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    All Free Features PLUS | Heart Rate Zones | Premium Reports | Workout Comparison | Data viewable from creation of Logbook account
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