The Data Monkey for Concept2 Logbook

Making sense of your exercise data can be very difficult and time consuming. Our app makes sense of Concept2's Logbook. ErgMonkey turns the data you get from Logbook into meaningful metrics that help you track your progress and focus on improving.

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See Your Performance. Understand Your Progress.

Here are some of the ways we'll help you go faster.

  • Compare Workouts

    Compare the pace, stroke rate and heart rate for any same workout. E.g. Put all your 2k's together and see how you paced them on one graph.

  • See more stats

    We've summaries all your stats into a number of different graphs. Like our calendar heat map or our lockdown meters graph. 

  • Check your progress

    Our unique progress report will show you if you're making progress or not, by taking all your training and comparing actual results.

  • Heart Rate Zones

    Set Heart Rate Zones and see each workout's HR distrubution. Along with our Report that will show you your distribution for all workouts.

  • Measure Performance

    Love a specific workout that you do it so often that its easy to compare? We've made it simple to see results for a specific workout to see % improvement.

  • Spot Trends

    Wondered at what stroke rate you perform best? Our trend graphs and report will highlight your performances over time. 

Example: Three 2k's compared

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Try Before You Buy

Try all the features before choosing a plan. 

When you sign up you'll automatically start a 14 day trial on our Premium plan. 

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  • Forever Free Plan

    • ✓
      Import from Logbook
    • ✓
      Basic Workout Summaries
    • ✓
      Stats Report
    • ✓
      Personal Best Report
    • ✓
      View data from the last 365 days
  • Premium

    • ✓
    • ✓
      Heart Rate Zones
      - Summary of your Heart Rate over time - See a distribution of your Heart Rate by zones
    • ✓
      Premium Reports
      - Access all premium reports like our progress, trend and benchmark reports
    • ✓
      Workout Comparison
      - See the history of workouts on the workout summary. - Compare multiple workout splits, rate and heart rate.
    • ✓
      View data from creation of Logbook account

How Does ErgMonkey Work

  • Create an Account
  • Sync to Logbook
  • See more than ever before

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Frequently Answered Questions

Not sure yet?

For the first 14 days you'll get all the features to try. Once the 14 days are up you can upgrade to a paid account. Only at that point will you be asked to pay. The free account will be free forever.

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