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Import your Logbook/RP3 data to get better insights of your training and performance

Compare the pace, stroke rate and heart rate for any same workout. E.g. Put all your 2k’s together and see how you paced them on one graph.
Set Heart Rate Zones and see each workout’s HR distrubution. Along with our Report that will show you your distribution for all workouts.
We’ve summaries all your stats into a number of different graphs. Like our calendar heat map or our lockdown meters graph.
Our unique progress report will show you if you’re making progress or not, by taking all your training and comparing actual results.
Love a specific workout that you do it so often that its easy to compare? We’ve made it simple to see results for a specific workout to see % improvement.
Wondered at what stroke rate you perform best? Our trend graphs and report will highlight your performances over time.

We've been trusted to process 100,000+ workouts over the last 2 years.

Compare any workout

Select any workout you’ve completed multiple times and compare them against each other on the same page. 

See the difference in your pace, stroke rate and heart rate.

The image is an example of 3 x 2000m

Is your training working?

You’ve done hundreds of workouts but how do you know if you’re really getting any better? 

Our Power Report lets you compare the 2 periods of time against each other. 

For both graphs power is on the x-axis. 

The left graph shows all distance workouts. 

The right graph shows all time workouts.

The line drawn is the average power for workouts in each period. 

Use all your data to help you go faster

You’ve done all the hard work on each workout. We’re
here to help you use all of it in a simple format.

This table is an example of the history of 30 minutes.

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Get more out of your Logbook and RP3 data

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Apps that work with ErgMonkey and we

All the apps listed below integrate with either Concept2 Logbook or RP3 Rowing Platform
meaning you can use them with ErgMonkey.

  • ErgData
  • Swelldone
  • MyRowPro
  • Erg Studio
  • Row Forge
  • Remote Rowing Coach
  • Regatta
  • Live Rowing
  • Float
  • Krew
  • Kino Map
  • ic.row
  • Exr
  • Asensei
  • ErgZone

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