We’ve taken a look at a number of indoor rowing apps that are available in the market. All these apps are compatible with Logbook and therefore ErgMonkey.


This is Concept2’s data capture app. It is very simple but the job at recording all your workouts whether it is on the Rower, Bike or SkiErg. The app automatically syncs with Logbook. You can also connect you HR monitor to the app via the PM5 monitor.

Download on iOS | Download on Android


This is the closest app in rowing to Strava. There are challenges, workouts of the day and an easy way to review your data.

Download on iOS


If you like looking at your data and being able to download every single stroke this is the app. You do require a subscription to do so. It also works with ErgStick, a dongle that connects to older monitors that don’t have bluetooth.

Download on Android *there is a Float iOS app but it does not send stroke level data to Logbook meaning it does not work fully with ErgMonkey.


This is a great app if you are also looking for workouts as well as recording your training. A connected coaching app that lets world class coaches guide and monitor your practice on a Concept 2 rowing machine.

Download on iOS


This is a new app that is in Beta. The presentation of data is very nice and makes it easy to understand your training. You have to apply to join their beta through their website.

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